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What makes microcement an eye-opener for interior designers?

How enjoyable is it for its user?

What do you need to know to fall in love with it?

Microcement is a cement-based coating (2-3 mm thick) which can be applied directly to substrates such as marble, ceramics, concrete, gypsum.
It does not require any binding agent and can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
Most commonly it is used on tables, worktops, floors, stairs, walls or pieces of furniture. It is a perfect solution for bathrooms, e.g. as a shower finish or a worktop with an integrated washbasin. The flexibility of microcement lets horizontal and vertical elements to be connected with no visible joints, e.g. a worktop with a wall or a wall with a floor. The effect of trowelled concrete gives any interiors a modern, unobvious character.

And it is not necessary to remove old ceramic surfaces or mosaics, which is its additional advantage. Just prepare the substrate properly and then apply microcement. We provide it with a matt or glossy finish. Surfaces are impregnated with a two-component water-based formulation, which is a system element.

Surface maintenance is ensured by regular wiping them with a damp cloth and wax.

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